Last chance to keep your Mac running smoothly with Techtool Pro 7 and Checkmate [Deals]



You already know that your Mac computer is one of the best designed machines on the market. Even the best machines, though, can fall victim to a variety of problems, either on the software or hardware side of things.

Keep your Mac in peak condition with Techtool Pro 7 and Checkmate. Both would normally cost you around $125 but, for only a little while longer, you can get them together in one sweet package for $49.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

TechTool Pro 7 is, by far, the best tool for discovering potential drive failures before they happen. It is trusted by everyday consumers as well as professionals to help troubleshoot and repair their Macs.

Here are the top features of TechTool Pro 7:

  • Data Recovery
  • Trash History
  • Emergency Startup Disk
  • Volume Rebuild
  • Cloning Tool
  • Memory Test

By contrast, Checkmate monitors your computer’s overall health and alerts you to any potential problems before they become catastrophes. It’s powerful software, but it’s also simple to use. It stays out of your way unless it finds a problem. If it does, the Checkmate dashboard will open, showing you a full report of the issue, as well as suggested steps to correct the problem.

Checkmate tests your Mac in these four categories:

  • Hardware
  • Drives
  • File Structures
  • System

With TechTool Pro 7 and Checkmate, you can be sure that your Mac will perform at optimum efficiency at all times, keeping you productive and your data safe. Pick up your copies of Techtool Pro 7 and Checkmate for just $49.99 before they’re gone from Cult of Mac Deals.

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  • JohnJohnJ

    Try Onyx for Mac instead. And it’s free.