iWatch prank shows how badly Apple fans want to believe



Late night show host and habitual Apple-prankster, Jimmy Kimmel, toasted Apple’s successful earnings report last night with a hilarious iWatch prank that shows just how deliciously potent the Apple Kool-Aid really is.

After tossing in a few jabs at the iPhone 6’s bloating screen size, Kimmel took to the streets to see if Apple fans love for the brand would magically turn a cheap calculator watch into the Apple iTime smartwatch.

If you thought people wouldn’t be fooled by a $20 Casio watch with an Apple sticker on the back, especially after Kimmel has already pulled this prank like 37 times, you’re wrong.

  • Brian Voll

    Would it confuse the reporter if I showed them my Pebble and called it the iWatch if they came up to me showing me that?

    • Brandon

      I think that as a technology reporter, she is well aware is not out yet, man.

      • Who said she was a technology reporter? She works for Kimmel…

      • Brandon

        My bad.

      • Nick V

        Just another hurt fanboy

      • Brandon

        I’m not hurt.
        And I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy, I mean look at that woman at the end “I would buy everything if its apple, everything…” what the hell.

      • Nick V

        I was talking to you, not about you. Sorry about that.

  • Giuseppe Maxia

    I wonder how many people did not fall for the prank but their footage was cut off. With enough time in your hands, you can interview 100 people, and show only the 10 clueless ones. The video would not have been as entertaining if it did show the dozens who sent the reporter packing.

    • Brandon Simms

      Or people really are that stupid, especially cult followers.

      • Jim

        Umm.. cult followers would be the ones who know every detail of what they follow and love. It’s exactly the opposite. The only way this isn’t staged is if these people are truly stupid, or they’ve never seen or used an Apple product. They are not the “cult followers” who would know Apple inside and out.

      • Nick V

        That last woman seemed pretty cultish to me.

  • ndre

    is this not scripted? looks as fake as the blonde’s boobs.

  • Jim

    5 idiots out of 100 likely interviewed. Or it’s all completely staged. To think a $20 Casio would be an Apple product means you’re either dumb, you have never seen or used an Apple product, or you’ve been paid to act…