Samsung mocks everyone waiting for iPhone 6


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Why make fun of existing Apple products when you could throw dirt on ones that haven’t come out yet? That’s Samsung’s latest approach in its newest TV ad titled “Screen Envy.”

The ad features two guys at a coffee shop, with one reading about iPhone 6 rumors and the other on a Samsung Galaxy S5. “Duude, the iPhone might be getting a bigger screen,” says iPhone guy. “That hasn’t happened yet?” responds Mr. Samsung.

The Galaxy S5 has a giant 5.1-inch display, and Samsung has been doing big displays for a while now. Apple is coming out with a 4.7 and possibly 5.5-inch iPhone 6 this fall. Good one, Samsung.

  • Niko

    But does it run iOS?

    • But would you actually get it if it did.. Me personally, even if a samsung device ran iOS I would not buy it because Samsungs phone hardware is crap and definitely not worth the price.

      • EKIMMMMM

        i wouldnt because somehow it hurts to fork over money to such a dishonest & hypocritical company with a convict at the helm.

  • PTVMan

    Not only is it not clever it’s painfully desperate.

  • Andrew

    They need to stop mocking people who like iOS. People are going to buy what they enjoy using and prefer aesthetically. Why do people have to put others down just for buying and using what they enjoy?!

    • Wirehedd

      It’s caused by severe insecurity and a need to assert dominance on the part of the fanboys who do it most vehemently.

      Little boys squawking over who has the best toys. Even if they are pretty much making themselves look silly they don’t care so long as they feel they’ve asserted the superiority of the product they’ve chosen.

      I’m hated by both sides because I use Macs, iStuff and I also use some android gear and even still have a a couple of Win7 systems.

      They do what I want, how I want. Period.

  • Loco deSane

    I’ll be darned if I am not about to become ” that guy”…

    Using the term ” awhile” means ” a short time”. I think you meant ” a while” which would mean ” for a period of time”

    You guys ever think of proof reading this stuff before posting?

    • You, “that guy,” are correct. Thanks.

      • Loco deSane


        It is a slow night!

  • site7000

    That’s right Samsung; just keep reminding people of Apple and how they’re coming out with bigger phones this fall. That’s totally gonna help.

  • Lars Pallesen

    Thank you, Samsung, for reminding us all how goofy it looks, when you hold a 5,1″ phablet against the side of your face.

  • ZAK

    Can samsung make an add thats not about apple, they starting to sound very insecure. He is the thing, samsung are just like a hundred other devices running android and its getting harder to standout. They can’t compete on price so they are trying to target the high end market, apples domain. I just don’t see how they convincing anyone to swap, in fact its almost insulting. Are they trying to keep users from moving to iOS or trying to win over iOS users? It simply doesn’t make sense, it just smacks of desperation.

  • GR

    Samsung sucks and this ads shows they got no pride in their work.

  • Tripler

    I’m not that type who needs to argue which product is better. It’s really every one thing, which product will buy, but this samsung’s adverts make me mad. If I’m not mistaken, this is not they first anti-apple ad. It just makes them look like kids who are crying, cause apple have better sales or something.

  • GR

    If even if I were switch from iOS (which it will never happen) Samsung will be the last phone I would ever buy.

  • jim

    BAH its all nothing but crap, just like the providers nothing but crap, just a big old chunk of crap running down a shit slide, it just depends on how you happen to prefer your shit handed to you.

  • DigitalBeach

    What a pathetic and insecure company Samsung is.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      At least they are trying to make their product better because it has a built in kickstand that goes “click…………..”. Actually, Samsung just got Apple’s old ad guy and since he’s so pissed off he got rolled from the Apple account, he’s getting all his vindictiveness out through Samsung, because Samsung is getting scared that their premium phones sales is about to tank once Apple releases their larger screen models.

      • PMB01

        Its “premium” phone sales already aren’t that great. During it’s first month of availability, the S5 didn’t even beat the 5S in sales. The iPhone 6 will just be the icing on the cake.

    • Joe
  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Mocking potential customers isn’t a good thing. One can mock another company, but mocking the consumer? That just gives people more reasons to NOT buy Samsung.

    Why would I want to buy an outdated 32 Bit large screen smartphone when the iPhone 6 is right around the corner? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • JJ

    Hahaha, Samsung has every reason to be worried about the upcoming iPhone6. They can’t even beat the iPhone with a smaller screen, how much more an iPhone with a bigger screen.

  • Jz

    a long time IOS user thatn tried that big screen Samsung Note….2 weeks later i witch back to a 5s….never again!!!

  • Craig Isbell

    “It’s everything you’ve been waiting for…” and you can easily get your hands on one RIGHT now. No one else wants them, so their in stock!

  • Capeman29

    Samsung’s dippy immaturity in the phone sector, has made Apple users like me not only avoid their phones…. but now I’m avoiding their microwaves, TV’s, refrigerators, PC components, etc etc. Frankly, just the name Samsung disgusts me anymore. A company like samsung shouldn’t insult people who could likely be a customer in other product segments. And i just happened to be in the market for a new fridge.

  • Joe

    I just love how you guys are now calling Samsung “desperate” or “pathetic” or “insecure” for doing this but back in the day when Apple was attacking Windows with its “I’m a Mac” ads—that wasn’t desperate or pathetic or insecure, right?

    • PMB01

      Because they were actually pointing out how Windows was inferior, not the consumer. Samsung is retarded.

      • Joe

        Dude, Apple kept stereotyping PC users as older, square-looking guys in brown suits while the Apple user was a cool, mainstream guy. Give me a break!. Of course, it isn’t the level Samsung is doing by attacking the consumer primarily but that wasn’t my point. Both companies are guilty of doing these pathetic schemes.
        Having said that, just because Apple wasn’t attacking the consumer it doesn’t make it less “desperate, pathetic or insecure” advertisement.

      • PMB01

        Uhh yes it does. Apple was pointing out actual features of their computers, which pointed to the frustrations of Windows machines. Samsung’s ads are basically ad hominem attacks on consumers. Apple was only working with the then-current stereotype that PCs were for business and Macs were for fun. Also, Apple’s commercials were actually funny; Samsung’s are just sad.

    • Kr00

      You just don’t get it do you?

      • Joe

        That Samsung is attacking the consumer but Apple didn’t? Yes. Or that both tactics from Apple and Samsung were/are desperate, pathetic and/or insecure? Yes.

      • Kr00

        May I suggest you go to YouTube and watch those MacvsPC ads again. They won world wide awards, they had humour and only pointed out the frustration windows users had with their PCs. Not once did it belittle anyone or a manufacturer. Funny, all my family moved from PC to Mac because of those very frustrations. Ask them today if they’d ever go back, and not one would give up their Macs. Says it all really, but you still don’t get it.

    • DigitalBeach

      Thanks for pointing out that Samsung, yet again, is poorly emulating Apple.

  • Mark Langston

    Google searches just increased, page visits to sites like CoM, 9to5Mac, Tuaw and others will see a boost and Apple Store visits will see a bump in traffic as uninformed consumers ask questions about an iPhone with a larger screen.

    Why bother buying an S5 with a new iPhone on the way?! Samsung would’ve been smart to just continue focusing on the S5’s capabilities rather than help sell the future of Apple. Without realizing it Samsung is unknowingly boosting the Apple marketing machine while simultaneously damaging their own sales by hinting at what’s to come from their most prominent competitor.


  • Mark Langston

    P.S. – Can we get this guy to audition for Drake in the Uncharted movie?! It’s the hair.

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    Samsung is just trying too hard to be Apple. That’s all this is about. In their heads they think if they make enough anti-iPhone ads, that people will leave for their S5 line. What Samsung doesn’t understand is people just aren’t willing to pay as much for an Android device as they are for an iPhone. You can make the screen twice as big as the iPhone, give up 100x better specs and 100x better storage, and people still will not be willing to pay the same for Android as iOS. This is why 90% of all Android sales are low end models and why almost all of the S5 sales are when it’s on sale at mid-range phone prices (like buy one get one free or save $100 with contract). This is also why the Samsung F will stand for Samsung Fail. It may have even better specs than the S5 and a metal case but it still runs Android. And Tizan is merely a modified version of Android which also won’t go over well for high end users. As soon as Samsung will accept their place as mid to low range smartphone maker, the sooner they’ll be able to improve their sales. But wasting money to advertise on a product you have zero chance to change people’s minds on is a waste of money and part of the reason they’ve failed to meet expectations for 3 straight quarters.

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Cheap plastic envy more like. Yuck.

    • Joe

      Your “earpods” are made of plastic. Yuck.

      • Paul Lloyd Johnson

        Not the same cheap nasty thin plastic that Samsung uses.

      • Joe

        No but it still IS plastic. No matter how “unapologetically” it is.

  • Andy Shorrock

    Very simple marketing technique at play here…

    Company A has a fantastic product.

    Company B has a mediocre product.

    Company B runs advertising saying Company A has mediocre products.

    Like muppets, loads of people believe what Company B is saying, forgetting that they are competitors all after the consumers dosh.

    Never believe what you read in advertising.

  • I switched from my iPhone 5 to a Samsung Note 3 because I felt like I needed the bigger screen (I should have just put on my glasses!). Worst mistake I have made! The Android system on the Note 3 is ridiculous. If I click a link in Chrome, should I really have to verify that I want to use Chrome to open the link? If I want to add a picture to a post, should I really have to choose gallery as the default EVERY time?
    I can’t wait for my upgrade to get rid of this piece of junk…