Apple begins purging Google Maps from


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Two years after Apple replaced Google with its own Maps app in iOS 6, the last remnant of Google Maps in Apple’s ecosystem is getting the boot. Apple has begun switching to its own mapping service for the Find My iPhone web app on

The change isn’t visible for everyone yet, but it can be seen from the beta version of where Apple tests upcoming features.

The iOS versions of Find My iPhone have been using Apple Maps since the original switch from Google. The web version has not until today, as noticed by

Apple pulls data from TomTom and other services to help create its maps, and the design of Apple Maps is noticeably different from Google’s. Here’s a comparison from the regular and the beta site:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.01.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.00.27 PM

We don’t know how long it will take for Apple to fully transition away from Google Maps, but it looks like the switch could happen any day now.

  • stefnagel

    Google has paid quite a price for denying Apple turn by turn, back when Google thought it had a monopoly in maps.

    • Luis Tamayo

      While this may be true, I still try to avoid using Apple’s maps on my Apple devices. Apple makes possible (but difficult) to use a competing mapping product of my choosing. Most people will get tired of trying (or not even try) to use an alternative. I am disappointed they could not come to a mutually beneficial financial arrangement. In the end, the consumer is losing on this one.

      • stefnagel

        Lots more map choice on ios than on android. Google greed drove it to try to destroy choice on ios. Fools gold.

      • Shame the default on iOS will always be Apple’s own app. If they gave the ability to change the default nobody would use it.

      • stefnagel

        I suspect many many millions happily disagree. So far from nobody you can’t see nobody with the Hubble. Well, you can …

  • Anthony Velazquez

    I prefer apple maps over google maps. Much smoother and I have had no issues with it whatsoever unlike issues I’ve had with google maps in the past.

    • Frans Albertus Hanekom

      Agreed! I haven’t had any problems and I always find my locations. It is easier and works out great. It’s so nice to look for places on my mac and drop the route to my iPhone when I am on my way out. It just work without any hurdles to jump over. Can’t wait for the hand-off feature in iOS 8!

      • I agree, the streamlined experience of Apple Maps is remarkable. I have no problems with the experience, as it is better now than when Apple was using Google Maps’ API for their default Maps app.

  • hoosieratarian

    Cool, maybe my iphone will show up on the map several blocks in the wrong direction just like my home, my office location and about one out of every 5 other addresses I use apple maps to try to navigate to.
    Apple needs to focus on new/innovative products. Google already has maps licked.

  • Guest

    Between the arrogance of Google executives and the complete ineptitude of Google designers and Android L, they’re going to REALLY feel the hurt on Android this year.

  • Christopher Leandro Trauco

    Lost your iPhone? Apple Maps, taking you to places it never was…

  • Mohamed Danish

    i love the flyover feature in Apple maps.

  • Sabir Malik

    i love the flyover feature in Apple maps. And Love Apple iphone 5s !

  • mahadragon

    By far my fav feature on Apple Maps is the ability to have multiple routes. Oh my god, this feature alone has saved my behind so many times because I use Google Maps to see where the traffic is. It’s too bad the red (dotted) lines on Apple Maps is hard to read on my iPhone, or I would use it for traffic updates.

    I noticed Google maps is now giving me the option for alternate routes just like Apple maps, nice.

    Sometimes I use Google maps for turn by turn navigation, but I noticed the Apple maps in general works better and is a bit more accurate. I think that accuracy depends on location. People complaining about Apple maps not being accurate is so dumb.

    We were driving around Napa, CA once and the GPS totally gave us the wrong directions. The maps aren’t always accurate, even on dedicated GPS machines (Garmin). Also, there have been times when Google maps got it wrong as well like when I was driving around Klahanie (good thing I had another GPS) so as far as I’m concerned none of them are perfect.