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Flickr update adds new sharing and tagging options



Yahoo’s iOS Flickr client got a revamp this morning, adding several handy features — including new options related to sharing, tagging, and describing your photo albums.

Users now have the ability to share their albums via Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to Mail and SMS. The update also provides users with the chance to add and edit both tags and descriptions of their photos from inside the app.

Other additions include the ability for group admins to invite photos to a group, notifications whenever your photo is invited to a group, and various unspecified improvements and bug fixes.

These features are on top of those included in the last Flickr app upgrade from April, which brought about a major overhaul including a brand new design, alongside features such as the ability to record and edit high-def video, as well as auto-tagging.

If you’ve not used the Flickr app in a while, it’s definitely worth checking out for iOS devices running iOS 7.0 and above.

Source: iTunes