How to Win an iPad: No-Brain Contests



UPDATE: Check each contest website for details and closing dates — newer ones are last.

The contest list has doubled from the original post. If you hear of others, let us know. Scams have also cropped up with iPads as bait, so remember your due diligence.

Before the launch, we wrote about a daring intern who risked his job by staging a contest with the as yet unseen iPad as a prize.

Today,  a bunch of contests giving the iPad out as prizes have already cropped up, many involve no-brain activities like tweeting (sorry, witty chiruppers!) or signing up for Facebook groups. (If you can bug fix, try here or here. )

So if you want to get your hands on one without spending any cash, this may be the ticket.






Big Prize Giveaways













The tech buzz














iPad contest

My contest


Simply free ipad

If you come across other ones, please add them in the comments.

NB: If you win one, Cult of Mac staffers reserve the right to come over and play with it.

  • Steviep20

    Like travelmatch on facebook for the chance to win an iPad and a £1500 holiday. All you need to do is submit your Name and e-mail address once you’ve liked them, which is pretty easy!

  • Duckett1443

    I am really interested in winning an iPad because it to espeseves to

  • Gary is giving away an iPad2 to one person that signs up on their site before their official launch.

  • Annemariesmls


  • Amy

    Gogobot is running a contest where you share your top hotels, things to do, and restaurants in your favorite cities to win an iPad 2:

  • Penelope Castle

    Thank you for posting this. I have been crazing an iPad every since they first came out, but have just resulted to stealing my brother’s whenever he takes his eye off it. But my friend just told me about a Newegg promo code that may give you a discounted price on consumer electronics like tablets and mp3 players, so I may have to take advantage of that!

  • Anoop C Nair

    A brand new iPad 2 contest is going on.. Grab the gift… Check out…

  • Wes Bos

    We’re giving away an iPad as well!

  • Grant Bodie

    Mount Recruitment is giving away an IPad 2 here

  • Craigmckay888

    Here is a top site that finds the best sites to win an ipad –

  • Rebecca Lehmann gives away free iPads from time to time. The current contest ends 5/26/11.

  • Dumitru Chele

    you can easily get a free ipad if you are a little bit lucky, you have just to join a contest or a survey or something, there are a lot of offers for free ipads, even ipad 2 or other apple products…

  • Guest
  • Mlevi2538
  • Jessica

    For all those Couch developers out there, Couchbase is hosting the Couch Developer Awards:…. Winners of each category win an iPad 2 – get you entries in today!

  • George

    Train With Me Online is gving away an Ipad 2 and Ipod nano.  http://www.trainwithmeonline.c

  • fellowgeek

    how can apple tell people what to do with their products, which they already own, and whats the big deal ? stupid apple ! Steve has sand up his va__na again !

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  • selen11

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  • david778866

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  • david778866

    Wow!! You guys are

    Thanks so much – you guys do a great job
    and I appreciate it. 


  • Medashiz

    If anyone wants to win an Apple ipad you can go to…. It’s a first gen ipad they are giving away. The website is also giveaway other prizes too. 

  • Janitor

    If you want to win an Ipad 2 go to… also a nanon and gift cards

  • Amy

    City Love contest–SF or LA? London or Paris? The biggest fans win one of 4 iPads and 4 Kindles!

  • James Hackett are giving a few away atm – looks like a skills based comp tho?!?!?random – have a look

  • ClientFirst


  • Nadia Kovacs
  • Johannes Kriel

    celebrate the launch of TellUWhat, we’re giving away a top-of-the-range iPad 2!
    Entering is easy, see steps below or at:


  • Johannes Kriel

    celebrate the launch of TellUWhat, we’re giving away a top-of-the-range iPad 2!

    Entering is easy:

    1. Download
    TellUWhat ($0.99) in the Apple App Store:



    2. Leave a
    rating and comment in the App Store.


    3. Like us
    on Facebook:



    4. Copy and
    paste the App Store comment onto our Facebook wall so that we can reach you if
    you win.


    5. That’s


    Terms &
    Conditions at:


  • Petemclusky

    They are giving away another iPad now!! at 10k fans :) good times

  • Craig from win an ipad

    Here’s a great place to win an ipad

  • Rollinscasey36

    How do i win a ipad ? please tell me cuz i have been on my laptop 4 al least 3 hours looking 4 a contest to win a ipad!! please!!! :))

  • Interestingca

    Would you like to win an android fire kindle tablet? Join
    the contest here

    The contest is open to anyone. When you enter the contest,
    you can get up to ten chances to win. When you enter, you get one chance, when
    you click to Like or Tweet the contest page or any deal on the website, you get
    one point each time. So if you like/tweet nine deals, you get nine more chances
    to win (plus 1 for entering, so 10 chances in total).

    Let’s get the kindle here


  • AppSafari

    Win a free iPad 2 here, just ReTweet to win

  • Mjc225
  • Dave Kaiser

    If you want to increase your chances of winning an iPad 2 this holiday season, check out The Deal Pages’ iPad 2 or $500 Holiday Giveaway. There’s lots of ways to increase your number of entries which you can find at

  • constantine tsapas

    I really could use one of these ipads right now. The power of positive thinking compels me!

  • constantine tsapas

    I want an ipad so badly its painful. I wonder if these no brain contests really deliver. I hear that some of them are absolutely great and others are not so much. Either way thanks for the information you put up here.

  • GreenSun

    >>> <<<   enough ipads….

  • Bill1960

    myfreecrap is giving one away:

  • Anna Quitie
  • sidd2

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  • michelballings

    Here’s a new contest to win a New iPad (iPad 3, 16GB, Wifi)