Will Apple’s Bash finally bring the jams?



The Rippingtons

Can't get much more bland than this smooth jazz outfit, who played The Bash in 2001

Jimmy Eat World

This pop punk hit The Bash in 2004, showing the world that Apple was hip with the kids.

The Wallflowers

Front man Jakob Dylan looks more and more like his old man these days, but he was a bit younger back in 2005 when his group played The Bash.


DJ BT hit The Bash in 2006, and we hope he used a MacBook to pound those block rockin' beats.


There are a ton of players in this group, which is what you need when you blend the styles of salsa, jazz, funk, reggae, rap, and more. They played The Bash in 2007.

Bare Naked Ladies

Apparently, there were no actual naked ladies present when this indie favorite folk rock troupe hit the stage for the 2008 The Bash.


Sure, Cake has got some street cred, but mostly because of lead singer John McCrea's hipster beard. Cake played The Bash in 2009.



As if Apple needed to get more meta, band turned developer OK Go hit The Bash in 2010, finally making it safe for current bands to play the venue.

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Jazz hip-hop and Peace advocate Michael Franti brought his buddy Spearhead to The Bash in 2011, and we hear it was fun.

Neon Trees

This playful modern pop rock band played The Bash in 2012. We really like his suit.

Vampire Weekend

2013's The Bash saw this world-rock group from Boston hit the stage to the delight of urban hipsters everywhere.


Now that Dr. Dre is an Apple executive, it's totally time to bring the noise to The Bash. Here's hoping Apple gets a reunion as soon as possible, though releasing Ice Cube from his kid movie contract may be tougher than the Beats Music acquisition.

Every year since 2000, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference has concluded with a huge concert called The Bash. This party brings the white and nerdy devs to the yard with bands like Barenaked Ladies (2008), Cake (2009) and OK Go (2010).

We’d like to see Apple switch things up this year. With the recent Beats Music deal still echoing down the halls of Cupertino, it’d sure be nice to see a group up on the Apple stage with a bit more street cred than, say, The Rippingtons (2001).

That’s why, when pressed to pick a musical act for this year’s WWDC end-of-event party, we would choose N.W.A. to shake things up and add a little urban style to the proceedings. Heck, they can even parody all of Straight Outta Compton with Apple-ized, family-friendly lyrics. “Fuck tha Police” becomes “Help tha Police,” an ode to Find My Phone. Bonus points for hologram Eazy-E.

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