Apple hires 200 Chinese security men to catch leakers



Aside from the odd controlled leaks, Apple isn’t a company known for letting out too much info about advance products (or, really, anything) these days. However, recently we’ve been seeing more and more information come from Apple’s less secretive supply chain — and it seems that Apple has had enough.

In response, the company is reportedly launching a massive crackdown designed to stop information making it out to tech blogs and the media. To do this, Sonny Dickson — a.k.a. the infamous leaker who revealed the iPhone 5 alongside a number of other Apple products — is claiming that Apple has approached Chinese governing bodies, and enlisted the help of 200 security officers to catch anyone selling accessories, such as cases or schematics, to people in the media.

Apple’s program follows other phone makers, such as HTC, who are making similar efforts to keep product details secret in what seems to be a fairly porous supply chain.

Dickson’s tweets are below:

Source: Twitter

  • ob_reviews

    Guess that means the leaks are legit then?

    • Adrayven

      Maybe these now.. but likely the crackdown maybe well limit any in the future.. Which is a good thing IMO.

      Personally, I think the back with the fat white plastic looking lines for the antana looks extremely fugly! I keep telling myself Jony Ive wouldn’t make something that freakishly ugly.. (fugly)

    • Not necessarily. Fake leaks can be damaging, so Apple would want to stop those too.

  • tornacious

    They can never stop the leaks, simply because anonymity is just too easy.

    • Anthony

      Not in China.

      • Convergence87

        chinese people are well aware of vpns

  • TeeJay1100

    The security are the ones who are leaking it!! LOL

  • GrangerFX

    Robots keep secrets.