Stuck in traffic? Audiobooks app adds 1,600 free titles



Free public domain audiobooks app Audiobooks (kind of like Audible for the poor-dible) has just received a notable upgrade.

Coinciding with the app’s fifth anniversary, Audiobooks 6.0 features a redesigned interface — improving significantly on the iOS 7 overhaul which arrived last September. The improved interfaces adds book covers for easier searching, along with a better library and file management system.

The upgrade also sees the addition of around 1,600 new audiobooks to the app’s free catalog, along with the addition of podcast support.

If you’re anything like myself, and use your iOS device for listening to non-music audio, Audiobooks is a worthy addition to your app collection — on top of services like the aforementioned Audible.

Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later, Audiobooks 6.0 is available now in the App Store for free. A premium edition of the app — also upgraded to version 6.0 — is available in the App Store, priced $0.99. It offers a lower price than the free app for the “Plus Unlimited” in-app purchase for unlocking premium audiobooks.

Source: iTunes