iTunes update fixes disappearing /Users folder glitch



Apple might not feel the pressure to rush when it comes to releasing new product lines like the iWatch, but it sure can rush when it needs to.

Yesterday we reported on a glitch that saw people’s /Users and /Users/Shared folders disappearing if they had updated to iTunes 11.2 and had Find My Mac enabled. While we offered a couple of workarounds to the problem, Apple sprung into action to create a more permanent solution, which takes the form of iTunes version 11.2.1.

The update will ensure that your folder returns, and stay there even after you reboot. Recommended for all Macs, you’ll find it on the Mac App Store or under Software Update in your Apple Menu.

Definitely beats Terminal commands and an AppleScript hack!

Source: Apple



  • DTM

    Didn’t re-appear on my two computes. iMac and MacBook Pro. Both 9.3 and updated iTunes 11.2