Podcast fans should update iTunes pronto



Along with the OS X Mavericks update it released this morning, Apple also published a new version of iTunes that will make sure you never miss an episode of your favorite podcast again.

iTunes 11.2 adds a couple of improvements to the Podcast section of iTunes that make browsing between subscribed podcasts easier by showing you which episodes you haven’t listened to, thanks to a new Unplayed tab.

You don’t have to go to the iTunes store to stream episodes anymore now that iTunes has added the ability to browse available episodes to stream in the feed.

The iTunes update relieves your hard drive from storing a backlog of episodes you’ve listened to with a new option to automatically delete episodes after you’ve played them. A favorites tag can be added to prevent the best episodes from being deleted automatically.

Apple also fixed an issue where iTunes became unresponsive when updating songs through Genius, and of course there are tons of bug fixes, stability enhancements and overall performance improvements.

For those of you still using Apple’s iOS Podcast app for syncing episodes with iTunes, Apple recommends jumping up to the new 2.1 version which just got Siri and CarPlay integration, as well as improved browsing.

The free update can be grabbed through iTunes’ Software Update menu, or you can pluck it directly from Apple’s website.