There’s plenty of room for retrotastic fun in this 2-bit Cowboy town



Saunter up to the bar, pardner, and we’ll tell you all about our little town here.

We need a sheriff around these parts and you look like you’d fit the badge nicely. Here’s a gun; get out there and collect rewards, shoot wild animals and round up the bad guys.

Oh, and don’t mind the funny green light ’round these parts. It’s just how we get things done.

2-bit Cowboy is out today, folks, and if you’ve got a spare dollar, head on over and grab a copy. The developer is calling this a “Westernvania” adventure game, which means you’ll be platforming, backtracking and dealing with environmental (barrels, crates, traps) and non-player character (gangs, scorpions, freakin’ armadillos) obstacles to make it to the exit of each level, just like the classic Castlevania and Metroid games.

In a nice change from the norm, Cascadia Games has put in the choice of gender, so that at least half of the population (like my daughter, mother or girlfriend) can actually choose a cowgirl if they want a character that matches their own gender identity. Each little cowperson can customize their look with hats, mustaches, pants, and (natch) chaps.

Now, the entire game is in the original green and grey Gameboy monochrome, which makes all the customization rather moot, but it’s a fun bit of style to add to an already stylish game.

In addition to all the scorpion shooting and coin collecting (in quaint 1-cent bits), you can drop into a Saloon for some drinking, enter a Casino to spin a gamblin’ wheel and even ride a horse. Or a wild bull. Or a minecart. Seriously, this game is adorable.

Not only that, but it’s got some great controller support, letting you use a GameDock, iCade, or iOS 7 MFi gamepad to shoot and jump your way around each level. This attention to inclusive controller support sets this title, published by Crescent Moon Games, quite a bit above the norm.

If you’ve got a spare dollar, pardner, you’d be well served with a heaping serving of this here 2-bit Cowboy, so ride yer horse over there to that App Trading Post and give ‘er a try.


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