OS X and iOS app clips webpages, tweets and pictures, syncs via Dropbox


You know when you see a new tool and you think “Oh man, that’s going to be useful”? That’’s the feeling I have with Keep Everything, a Universal iOS and Mac App which saves web pages, Tweets (and pretty much anything with a URL) on your device, sharing it with your other machines via Dropbox.

But it does so much more than that, including turning those pages into Markdown text that can even be edited.

Keep Everything runs in the background and watches for when you copy things. Text, images, web pages, all are ingested automatically, and stored in your Dropbox.

You can use the app like a local Read later service, kind of like a hubless Instapaper (although technically Dropbox is the hub), but that would be kind of missing the point.

Web pages are saved as web archives, and can be viewed in full offline, but they’re also converted into an article view, which is looks like the usual simplified read-later view from Instapaper and others, only it is in fact a Markdown file, rendered into a browser view. This means that you can see and edit the markdown right there in the app, which is great for all kinds of reasons, including note taking, research and writing articles.

It even clips articles from apps like Pocket, and can handle videos from YouTube.

There are a few shortcomings. If you copy text from a non-web view (I tested inside Drafts app) then it appears to be copies, but you get an empty entry in the app.

I’d recommend it. You can try it free, saving up to 100 articles. After that it’ll cost you $5 via IAP, plus another $10 to unlock the full version of the Mac app.

Source: Keep Everything

  • Leovinius

    It’s not often I follow a recommendation from CultofMac, but I tried this one on a whim and yes, this works a treat. I mostly used the Reading List or kept tabs open in browsers if I wanted to save something, which works fine, but this makes it a lot easier. The trial is generous, give it a whirl.