The History Channel, Lifetime And A&E Are Now On Apple TV



Duck Dynasty fans rejoice, you can now binge on all the splendors America’s favorite hillbilly family has to offer from your Apple TV, but you’ll still need a cable subscription.

An Apple TV update this morning added new channels for the History Channel, Lifetime and A&E offering cable subscribers full access to a catalog of shows from Duck Dynasty, American Pickers, Vikings, Pawn Stars, and yes, even Project Runway.

Along with the new Apple TV app the History Channel and A&E apps for iOS were updated to include live-streaming of TV shows for subscribers, but if you don’t have a cable TV, Verizon FIOS or Direct TV subscription you can still enjoy previews of great hits like Dance Moms.

  • Thomas Becker

    I love my Apple TV and all these added channels are great I guess… But it seems pointless to be required to have a cable subscription to use the channels. I mean if you have a cable subscription, just watch the channels on cable.

    Apple really needs to create an app/channel store for Apple TV (and maybe they will with the new one) that let’s users pick and choose the channels they want and instead of having a cable subscription have subscription options with Apple based on a per channel or group of channels. The user gets to pick their own channels, Apple handles paying the networks or cable companies.

    Pricing could be something like $2 a channel, $15 for 10 channels, $20 for 20 channels and so on…Could add a premium fee of say $5 a month for the ability to go commercial free.

    That with all the other rumored updates to the Apple TV and you will have one awesome box!

    • Wayner83

      As great as this sounds, it will never happen. Apple is just the gatekeeper to the content that the networks provide. If they were to allow a la carte service like you described (and we all want) then cable and satellite providers would refuse to resign or pay the exorbitant amounts they currently pay. No network is going to risk the guaranteed millions that they get from cable/sat for the possible money they get from subscribers. They essentially get a salary now based on every subscriber that a cable system has, instead of a hopeful commission based on the people who want to see the programming. They have a perfect system, people pay for stuff they do not care about, why would they every lend their programming to a system like you suggested that would most likely cut the revenue stream by millions, or possibly billions? I think this is the system it should go to honestly, if you do not have enough people paying for your shows, then you shouldn’t be wasting your money on them. But we have fed into the network greed for so long, it is going to be near impossible to change it at this point, no matter how much Apple or us as consumers want it to.

      • kevin scott slack

        I, for one, do not have cable, yet some of certain channels like American Pickers, I want. Thus $2 seems reasonable to me. I know there are other like me out there. It seems like the cable subscription providers should look into this and, perhaps, change their subscription cost and make even more money!

      • Thomas Becker

        Yeah I know you are probably right. But it kind of makes the channels on Apple TV pointless if I need to subscribe elsewhere to view them anyway. All of such channels on my Apple TV are hidden as it is connected to a tv that I also have cable/sat service on. Would be nice to cut that cord and still be able to pick channels I want – as I described above. But you are right GREED will probably never let that happen.

    • It seems this may very well be the à la carte dream coming true, although as another commenter mentioned, enjoy it while it lasts!