iOS 6 Users Suffer Major FaceTime Outage



Remember that old slang phrase from the 90s: “Talk to the hand, because the face ain’t listening?”

Apple seems to be taking a similar tack — except that you can substitute “talk to the hand” to “upgrade to iOS 7,” and “because the face ain’t listening” to “because FaceTime is no longer working on iOS 6.”

First spotted in a thread on the Apple Support Communities mini-site, a number of users running iOS 6-powered devices have reported an inability to either make or receive FaceTime calls. According to them, this problem dates back to April 16.

The issue is not affecting iOS 7 users, and Apple’s “Systems Status” page shows that the video and audio software  is listed as running normally.

While a fix addressing the iOS 6 FaceTime fault is expected to appear in the near future, Apple has advised all users experiencing the problem to upgrade to iOS 7.

As it is, iOS 6 users make up a small proportion of overall iOS users. Official figures released by Apple earlier this month show that 87% of users are now running iOS 7, 11% are running iOS 6, and just 2% are running an earlier version of Apple’s mobile OS.

Still, when you’re talking about 11% of the enormous market that is total iOS users, that’s still a lot of people.

Are you having any problems with FaceTime currently?

Source: Apple Support Communities

  • Jay Harrison

    IOS 7 user here, the issue is effecting my iPhone 5; iPad Air and Mac OSX with whatever the latest update is.

  • gserraes ッ

    Yup, earlier today I was trying to connect a FaceTime audio call from iPhone 5 to iphone 4, both on wifi, and wasn’t successful.

  • bdogg

    i couldn’t either. beyond teed off. come on apple, you dirty dogs.

  • Namnoot

    Enough 7 users are reporting the outage that I call garbage on Apple’s ‘solution’. I’ve heard enough bad things about 7 that I’m in no hurry to leave 6.

  • Jason

    This is Apple’s planned obsolescence strategy. They’re doing this to get everybody on iOS 7 so old hardware will run painfully slowly and people will have to buy new hardware. Because, you know, Apple doesn’t have enough of our money already. And, Apple buyers aren’t already loyal enough. Apple is going the way of General Motors… Abusing its own already-loyal fan base by making substandard product, forcing early repurchase. Apple supported PowerPC processors for six years after switching to Intel. That was under Steve Jobs. Under Tim Cook, Apple dumped iOS 6 in six months. So far, Tim Cook’s most novel idea has been to write himself a $300 million check.

  • Cathy

    I have IOS 7 and can’t connect even to other IOS 7 users. Updating isn’t going to fix the issue.

  • Luke

    Same here, my mom has an iPad 2 (iOS 6.1.4) and an iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1.4) and we can no longer call it via FaceTime. Hope Apple fixes this soon, that hardware is too old for iOS 7.

  • Namnoot

    OK it’s been a week now. Has anyone heard anything from Apple? I need to be able to Facetime my elderly father and upgrading to 7.1 is not an option and unless someone wants to pay me I’m not spending X hundreds of dollars on a new phone.

    • Namnoot

      Macrumors is reporting that Apple has officially announced that in order to use Facetime again IOS6 users have no choice but to upgrade to 7.1. So where do I send the invoice to buy me a new phone?