Macally Keyboard Pairs With Five Bluetooth Devices, Plus One USB


Macally’s BTKEYPRO looks like a nice do-everything keyboard, for all your devices. The main selling point is that it can pair with and switch between up to five devices, letting you use it with your iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone, all at the touch of a key.

But it does more than just that.

Without getting my fingers on this keyboard, It’s impossible to tell whether it’s good or not. On paper, though, it looks great. Bluetooth, AA batteries for long life and easy switching (batteries are included, too!) and rubber feet join the familiar scissor keys (like those on your MacBook). You even get to use the keyboard as a USB peripheral if you like.

There are also a whole lot of special function keys baked into the 108-key layout (108 keys means there’s a number pad). You get six dedicated device switching keys, all of which are labelled. You get the regular media keys, plus buttons for Spotlight, Home and lock/power (for the iDevices).

So feature-wise it looks amazing. The only thing to be determined is the quality of the keys, which is arguably the most important part.

Available now for a reassuring $70.

Source: Macally

  • Zeteboy

    Finally a keyboard with a number pad!!!!’