SideSwype Is So Fun, You Forget It’s Basically A Match-Three Game [Review]



If you like Threes but wish it was less numbery and more Tetris-like, SideSwype might be for you.

SideSwype by Radiangames
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $1.99

It’s a puzzler in which you, you know, swipe. To the side. And when you do that, you move every block on the board as far as it can go in that direction. So you might want to plan ahead a little.

Your goal is to line up three or more blocks of the same color to clear them, and it throws in some complications and special pieces too because otherwise it would be boring. But luckily, it has those things, and it is not boring.

You have the general idea up there, but the extra wrinkles come in the form of blocks with a 4 or 5 on them. These require you to line up that many same-colored blocks instead of the standard three.

And if you can manage that, the game rewards you with special blocks that either take out all adjacent pieces when you match them or extra-special ones that clear all of the squares of that color at once.

And then you’re all like, “Eff you, squares!” Or I am, anyway.

You keep swiping until you don’t have any moves left, and then the game mocks you. But that’s cool because you can play again right away. That’ll show it.

I don’t know what else to say about this game other than that it’s fun, and you should check it out. And squares are jerks. Especially the 5s. The 5 Squares are like the Regina Georges of the quadrilateral social structure.

SideSwypeGame Name: : SideSwype
The Good: Fun puzzle gameplay and endless replayability. Also, it feels flippin’ great when you kill one of those 5s.
The Bad: It has a habit of knowing which pieces won’t help you at all, and then it gives you those.
The Verdict: Fans of Threes will enjoy this cousin of that brilliant game.
Buy from: App Store – SideSwype – Radiangames


  • itsgene

    So… it’s Bejeweled?

    • Evan Killham

      Kiiiinda, but it’s sliding instead of swapping. A bit like Threes.

  • tobias robison

    There’s more to SideSwype. In my current (unfinished) game, my score is over 24,000. Here’s how to play it well:

    In addition to visualizing the board to find those tricky inside rows, you need to know how to choose among apparently equal-value moves.