Sound Rise, An iPhone-Friendly Bluetooth Alarm Clock


Sound Freaq’s Sound Rise is an old-fashioned concept wedded to new-fangled function. It’s a clock radio (remember those?) that plugs into your iPhone and charges it while sucking the sound out of your music library or favorite streaming apps.

The Sound Rise also works as a regular Bluetooth speaker, but that’s not the main point – after all, you could use any Bluetooth speaker and set it on your nightstand to do the same thing. The Sound Rise has music controls on the top panel, as well as a USB port for charging (you use your iPhone’s regular cable), plus a dim-able LED clock display.

Folks who like to sleep at night can even turn off this clock display, but that would seem to defeat the point of a bedside clock – after all, if you have to tap a button to see the time you might as well just pick up your iPhone and do the same.

The other annoyance is setting your alarm. I usually just press the home button on my iPhone and tell Siri when to wake me up. With the Sound Rise, you get to enjoy the following retro-tastic experience:

I tease. There’s something pretty neat about this alarm speaker, and as it costs just $80 it’s a pretty good way to get a Bluetooth speaker in your bedroom even if you don’t need a clock. Available now.

Source: Soundfreaq

Thanks: Natalie