Diablo-Style KingsRoad Makes The Move To iPad


Hack, slash, loot. Repeat.
Hack, slash, loot. Repeat.

Remember that slick-looking Diablo-style hack and slash game we raved about, KingsRoad? We were astonished that such a full-on console-level action RPG game was available on Facebook when we saw it demoed at the Game Developers Conference a couple of weeks back.

Well, now we can finally come clean and share the news: KingsRoad is coming to iPad. You’ll be able to play with all your Facebook buddies, too, as the game will use the very same servers across all platforms.

Loot and raid on my Mac, and then take it on the go? Yes, please.

Blast them bad guys, now on your iPad.
Blast them bad guys, now on your iPad.

Why play KingsRoad instead of, say, Diablo III, you might ask? Well, first of all, it’s a free-to-play game, so you won’t have to drop $60 up front to see if you even like it. Second of all, why choose? There’s plenty of room in each game for you. Oh, and third? Diablo III isn’t on your iPad.

You’ll get to choose from three different classes in KingsRoad, like the wizard, the knight, and the archer, to best suit your play style. You’ll run through dungeon after dungeon, quest-style, beating all the baddies. When you reach the end of the level, you’ll head back into town, turn in your quests for rewards and experience points, and then level up your character, adding new skills, spells, and the like, to then go face bigger, badder foes in the next quest.

Now that it’s on your iPad, you’ll never have to leave the beleaguered lands of Alderstone again. Unless, of course, you want to warm up some more hot pocket pizzas to keep gaming.

KingsRoad should be available for your iPad late this spring or early summer. Until then, you can create a character and play the game on your Mac via Facebook in your favorite browser.

Via: Rumble Games