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Like Facebook’s Chat Heads? This Tweaks Breaks Them Out Into iOS 7


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Do you like Facebook’s Chat Heads as a notification system for Facebook messages? On Android, Chat Heads can run universally in any app, but on iOS, they only show up in Facebook, Paper or Facebook Messages. It’s in-app only. But if you have a jailbroken device, a new tweak will allow you to break Chat Heads out into the rest of the iOS operating system.

Thanks to developer Adam Bell’s jailbreak tweak Message Box, you can now enable system-wide Chat Heads in iOS 7. You’ll have to install Paper to make it work, but once you do, you’ll get Chat Heads alerts whenever you receive a Facebook message, no matter what app you’re in.

My big question here is: why do you want this? While I admire the technical achievement, Chat Heads is one of the worst and most intrusive notification systems I’ve ever used. They drive me crazy in the Facebook app; I’d hate to have to try to manage them system-wide.

You can download Message Box for free from Cydia.

Via: iClarified