BusyContacts Promises To Fix Your Address Book. At Last


BusyCal from BusyMac, the app that saved busy people by being a way better calendar than the junk Apple ships with the Mac, now makes BusyContacts. Or has at least announced BusyContacts. Like BusyCal before it, BusyContacts takes your local address book and syncs it with any online contacts lists you may be using. The public beta should launch this summer.

BusyContacts looks way better than confusing apps like CoBook, and is of course way better than the stock Contacts app, which is so bad it makes me think that the folks at Apple don’t ever launch it.

BusyContacts lets you tag your contacts, link those contacts to events in BusyCal and pulls in contacts from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In short, it’s like a power-users’ contact manager, just like BusyCal is a powerful calendar app.

The app syncs with iCloud, Exchange, Google Contacts and shares with Exchange, Fruux, over the LAN and with CardDAV servers.

I’m excited to try this out, but also hoping that my email provider, Fastmail, makes its address book sync-able by the time BusyContacts launches. After all, it’s 2014 already people.

Source: BusyMac