Mac OS X Became A Teenager Today… Happy Birthday!


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Yup. Thirteen years ago today, on March 24, 2001, Apple and Steve Jobs unleashed the first version of Mac OS X 10.0 (code named ‘Cheetah’) on to the world.

Despite officially being a teenager, OS X is holding up better than most 13 year olds: its voice isn’t cracking, it’s not awkward around girls, and since Scott Forstall’s departure, there’s barely a blemish to be seen on its otherwise pristine countenance.

What’s your earliest memory of OS X? Share it with us in the comments.

Deals of the Day

  • Mike Chu

    I think I used Mac OS X either leopard back in middle school

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    It took me almost a full year to decide to upgrade from OS9. I had so many nice extensions I didn’t want to give up and my computer couldn’t run OSX nearly as fast as OS9. I knew OSX was the wave of the future but I would use OSX for a day or two and then go back to OS9. I did this for about a year but when I got a newer Mac I simply gave up all those neat extensions and moved to OSX. I had a few OSX kernel panics but OS9 was definitely less stable than OSX. However, sometimes it’s just hard to let go of the past.

  • I got my first Mac SE/30 in 1989 which operated on OS6. I upgraded each time a new Mac OS came out, and finally in 2001 I had a Mac IIci running OS9 with a 20 inch Ikegami color monitor. It was a great setup that I used for many years for graphic design work. I was wary of OSX but bought it anyway to research what programs I’d need to upgrade. It wasn’t until OSX 10.2 Jaguar that I moved completely over to OSX, and I haven’t looked back since. Greater stability, gorgeous modern interface, everything I needed. I still use 10.6.8 Snow Leopard on several of my Macs because they still run legacy PowerPC apps. Until I finally find a solution for these legacy apps I’ll continue to use Snow Leopard, but I have Mavericks on my MacBook Pro, and it’s terrific.

    • PMB01

      PowerPC transition started 9 years ago. Time to modernize your workflow.

  • Shaminder_Pal

    I used a tangerine iMac that my friend had to play some dinosaur game in which you had to collect some stuff around 10 years back.

  • I clearly remember when OS X landed in my house, I was 9 at the time and we revolutionized all our family’s Mac range.
    The first Macs we had with Cheetah were a couple of Power Book Titanium, then we upgraded my iMac G3 Bondi Blue (which still rocks today)!

  • Marcus Nelson

    OS X Panther. Then Tiger. Then Leopard. Then Snow Leopard. Then Lion. Then Mavericks. The iMac G5, then the Mac Mini, then another Mac Mini, then a MacBook, and right now, a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.