TriBlaster Adds A Much-Needed Dimension To The Arcade Shooter [Review]



You know the drill: You’re up against an endless stream of foes moving toward you, and all you can do is move back and forth and shoot. They may be space invaders or enemy fighters or weird … animal things or something, but it’s always up to you and your single dimension of movement to stop them.

TriBlaster by oeFun
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

And then TriBlaster shows up and is all, “Pssssh, let’s double that.” So the developers added in a jump button, and suddenly things get completely different.

That’s right, people. Two dimensions. Welcome to the future.

The levels get increasingly complex as you go. Expect hills, valleys, and tubes later on.

I’m being a little flippant there, but the fact is that TriBlaster is a fun, arcade-style shooter with beautiful vector graphics and some really interesting design choices. It’s the same setup you’re used to with the endless enemies and the shooting and the avoiding, and you move your brave, heavily armed triangle back and forth by dragging on the screen. It does the shooting automatically.

Your enemies are suitably vectory squares, cylinders, and cones, and they keep coming at you along a play field that reminds me a lot of a bowling alley. But, like, one from Tron.

Neon for days, you guys.

At first, however, the controls provide more of a challenge than the enemies trying to kill you. It takes a bit of practice before you stop oversteering and get your guy to go where you want him to. And if the enemies get to the baseline, they just hang out there, and you’re going to run into them more often than not. And that will kill you.

But once you get it under control, you can take advantage of the game’s interesting “jump” button, which lets you leap away from the line and take out those enemies before they roll over you. It’s still a little fidgety even once you figure it out, but when it works, it’s pretty great.

TriBlasterGame Name: : TriBlaster
The Good: Cool vector graphics, and the Jump ability never stops being awesome.
The Bad: Fiddly controls and sparse checkpoints.
The Verdict: It’s a cool variation on a classic theme that’s a lot of fun once you can get it to work for you.
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