The iTie Concept: Wearable Computing For Suits


Pop quiz:

Is the iTie

a) A derogatory term used by older English people to insult Italians?
b) An electronic collar which uses a tie as a flexible screen – kind of like an iPhone, only a tie?
c) All of the above?

The answer is of course c), and we have the pictures to prove it.

The iTie is an absurd concept, but no worse than those stupid Android Wear baubles that Google is pretending might actually work some day. What would you use it for (apart from displaying a Homer Simpson screensaver and telling your coworkers that your kids gave it to you)? I’ll let the designer – Tomislav Zvonarić – explain:

Imagine having a regular Skype conversation just by bending your tie. And would there ever be a cooler way to take a “selfie”?

No. There is clearly no cooler way to take a selfie.

Source: [Behance](

Via: HiConsumption