The Hero Cupertino Deserves: Christian Bale Is David Fincher’s Choice To Play Steve Jobs




Few CEOs can hold a candle to the wrath and fury of Steve Jobs, but when it comes to epic rants, Christian Bale can certainly hold his own against el Jobso, which might make him the perfect person to play Steve in the Aaron Sorkin written film from Sony.

Director David Finch is keen on getting the Dark Knight into Steve’s black turtleneck, according to a report from The Wrap, which says the director has pegged Bale as his top choice to play Steve Jobs.


David Fincher hasn’t even officially signed on to direct the movie, though rumors surfaced last month that he’s in talks to direct the biopic.

Sony’s Amy Pascal reportedly met with Fincher recently to discuss bringing him onboard to direct, but the acclaimed director told Pascal he will only take the reins of the project if Bale joins too.

Pascal and Fincher have a tense relationship after working on Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but her relationship with Christian Bale is pretty good after working on American Hustle together, so she might be able to convince the actor to fill Steve’s New Balances. Jobs knows he’d give a better performance than Kutcher.



Source: The Wrap

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  • Daniel Osório

    I would choose Noah Wyle again

  • digitaldumdum

    “The Hero Cupertino Deserves: Christian Bale Is David Fincher’s Choice To Play Jobs”

    The Hero Cupertino Deserves?? Yeah, that’s what we need, a British actor to star as one of the most influential Americans of the last part of the previous century, and the first part of this one.

    Really, there’s no actor in this *entire* country to select for such a role, even a lesser known actor? Anthony Hopkins wasn’t bad at playing Nixon, but again, Oliver Stone couldn’t find ONE actor in this entire country to play an American president?

    What a dumb casting decision, and what a dumb, biased headline.

    • takeoffthetinfoilhat

      Are you being serious?? I guess your name is more revealing that you thought…

      • digitaldumdum

        I’m assuming you’re the younger one in the photo, which explains why you don’t get the meaning of my screen name. In any case, I am being serious, my name has nothing to do with what you’re probably implying as “dumb”… and I’m not wearing a tin foil hat.

        It’s a shame you can’t imagine anyone but your Batman hero playing the part of Steve Jobs. The fact is, there are thousands of fine, qualified actors right here in America who want and need the work, without directors and producers following the predictable practice of seeking Brits, Aussies and New Zealanders to play Americans. I’m not being jingoistic. I’m simply suggesting—considering the easy and “safe” way is to employ known celebrities—it would be better to choose from our vast pool of American talent rather those in another country. If you don’t get that, there’s nothing else I can add.

      • kawth

        Are you seriuos?
        Steve (Abdulfattah) Jobs is an adopted Syrian. Yes. He is an Arab. Read some books. So why don’t you ask for a Syrian actor to play Steve Jobs? Idiot.

      • digitaldumdum

        Your assertions are ridiculous. Steve Jobs was not an “Adopted Syrian.” His father was Syrian Born. Jobs was born in San Francisco, and he was an American entrepreneur, inventor and businessman.

        And to your insulting comment, I have read every book in (and out) of print on Steve Jobs and Apple Computer. I bought my first Macintosh in 1984 and have had almost every model since. I’ve met Steve Jobs, spoken with him and obviously know a bit more than you. Have a nice day.

  • Super Nerd Podcast

    Team Bale for Jobs!!!!

    Ooooo….My……Word……I was literally just thinking that Bale would be the perfect actor to play Steve Jobs no more than two days ago. Bale is such a good actor and takes his profession just as serious as Jobs took his. You need that intensity to play one of the most influential people in the last number of decades! Team Bale for Jobs all the way!

  • Gregory

    Nope. Wrong. Ashton Kutcher was perfect, and I agree with digitaldumdum, an American should play Steve. I honestly don’t think Christian Bale could pull it off. He doesn’t have the right hippie-vibe like Ashton did.

    • kawth

      Steve Jobs is an Adopted Syrian and we do not have copyrights on people. What difference is it going to make now?

      • digitaldumdum

        Dude, you’re delusional. And although your silly post is not worthy of response, I will, nonetheless: Steve Jobs was NOT an Adopted Syrian. His father was Syrian Born. Jobs was born in San Francisco, America, USA, and is an American entrepreneur, inventor and businessman. End of story.

      • kawth

        I’m sorry I called you an idiot and that I told you to read books. All I know is that Steve Abdulfattah Jandali عبدالفتاح جندلي is an Arabic Name. His biological father is Syrian.

        Being born somewhere far from your country does not change your ethnicity or your genes as far as I know. If my father was born and lived in china, does that mean that I’m Chinese? Nope.

        My point is, what difference is it going to make if the actor is American or British? They’re all white and have zero Middle-Eastern genes. And if to you, it is all about belonging somewhere at heart, regardless of where you originally come from, Christian Bale moved to the US as a kid and stayed there ever since. He became American and his children are american. Hell, he is more American than I am. I’m American but lived in the US only the first 4 years of my life before moving permanently to Saudi Arabia. Does that make me Saudi? Nope. Does that make me less of an American? Nope. To me, it’s all about heart, and Bale has the physical attributes of a white man and he is American enough to many people.

        I hope my point is clear and I’m sorry I said bad things to you.

      • digitaldumdum

        Thanks for the reply! And I appreciate the apology, but no offense taken here; these airways are a good place to express opinions, but usually a poor place to converse. Our words get jumbled up with emotions too easily. I’m guilty of it often.

        All your points are well-taken. The fact remains, however, that Steve Jobs—despite having a father who was Syrian-born—was born in America, always lived in America and is without question an American entrepreneur. His familial heritage isn’t relevant.

        While I rarely take issue with non-American actors playing Americans, a person of Jobs’ magnitude need not be played by another nationality. Too often, producers and directors imagine only British actors can bring gravitas to a role. It’s plain nonsense. I think it’s wrapped up in a kind of mystique we Americans view the British as having. Incidentally, I have no issue with that, being an Anglophile myself.

        But British and Australian actors don’t really have a mystique… they just have pleasant, charming accents we seem to crave, and (sometimes) a more mannered way of conducting themselves. Also, they’re good at maintaing that mystique, since they know we love it. A good example is the recent TV campaign for Jaguar using famous British actors, who actually poke fun at our image of them.

        In the case of Christian Bale, I think the image is complete BS. He’s a good actor, but nothing special. And while Steve Jobs was known for displays of arrogance and temper, Bale eclipses him by an order of magnitude. This is not to say that I dislike him in every role, I just think he’s vastly overrated. In any case, I’d rather see a hardworking American actor play the part of a hardworking American icon.