Huge Pumping Speaker Reminds Us How Cool Sony Used To Be


Remember back in the 1980s and some of the 1990s, when Sony made the coolest stuff around? Tiny Walkmans, awesome Hi8 video cameras and even some decent slimline (PC) laptop computers. Then it all went wrong, when Apple reinvented the Walkman as the iPad.

I’m not trying to say that the new Ultra Premium Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker is about to turn the company around, but it is a reminder of what we used to love about Sony.

This thing is big and loud. Like, out-of-the–1980s loud. The $700 box pumps out 154 Watts through seven speakers, and accepts input from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (yes, AirPlay), Ethernet and even “USB 5.” It’ll power your iPad even as it sucks music from its USB port and can be paired with lesser devices via NFC.

It looks amazing, and it’s huge (17-inches long, or 430mm, and 10.4 pounds or 4.6 kilos). All it needs is a bouncing, green-glowing “spectrum analyzer” and we’d be back in the time of Robocop and Farah pants.

Source: Sony

  • Joe Naflish

    yes, Apple reinvented the Walkman as the iPad. u must be very sleepy

  • Randy The Molester

    Sony has some great cameras

  • aardman

    And just like Sony, they priced it too high to get any meaningful traction.

    • herbaled

      Apple has no “meaningful traction”???

  • Ace Smash Sebastian

    …and the $700 price tag reminds us why we don’t buy Sony things anymore.

  • herbaled

    Re. “… Apple reinvented the Walkman as the iPad.” It was the iPod, not the iPad, that trumped the Walkman.