eBay CEO’s Plea To Tim Cook: Icahn Do This Alone


Carl Icahn is coo-coo for AAPL.
Investor activist Carl Icahn is at it again -- with eBay as the target this time.
Photo: Forbes

Activist investor Carl Icahn is at it again — and Apple might be lending moral support to his latest target.

Tim Cook was reportedly one of several tech leaders, along with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who was consulted by eBay CEO John Donahoe for advice on how best to deal with Icahn.

Donahoe has been locked in conflict with Icahn regarding Icahn’s suggestion that eBay should spin PayPal off as its own company.

The disagreement has quickly escalated into a full-on feud. Icahn disclosed a 2.2% stake in eBay in January and has become its seventh-largest shareholder. “Their response has essentially been to say ‘we don’t want anyone raining on our parade — we’re the great eBay’,” Icahn noted in one interview. “I never walk away unless there’s a reason to walk away.”

eBay, for its part, has countered many of Icahn’s claims.

“When statements are made about our company that are factually inaccurate and misleading, then we owe it to our shareholders to set the record straight,” said eBay spokesperson Amanda Miller, said. While Icahn argues that there is money to be made by spinning the highly profitable PayPal out as its own entity, eBay argues that it provides PayPal with data, and a strong financial foundation that sets it up for success.

What business advice Cook gave Donahoe isn’t known — but he can certainly speak from experience.

Cook had his own clash with Apple shareholder Icahn late 2013 and early 2014. Icahn originally asked Apple to repurchase $150 billion worth of stock, but later dropped this down to $50 billion, before letting it go altogether — supposedly happy with Apple’s own repurchase plans. (His hand may have been forced somewhat by the ISS recommending that shareholders vote “no” on Icahn’s proposal.)

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  • popeyoni

    Separating PayPal from eBay could be good for consumers.
    It might allow other (better) payment methods to be used on eBay.

  • DarthDisney

    This is about the first time I agree with Icahn… I avoid Ebay because of paypal, and I avoid paypal because it doesn’t care about its users, as it’s supported by ebay.

  • eBay is an equal opportunity fraudster

    It’s nigh impossible to keep a track of all the deviousness and unscrupulousness, or, indeed, the criminal activity, of eBay Inc.; their unprincipled activities are so pervasive; one can only generalize and describe eBay as an equal opportunity fraudster: they will directly defraud, or will directly and indirectly aid and abet others to defraud, whoever they can, whenever they can. eBay is probably the most unscrupulous commercial entity on the planet; eBay is—demonstrably—the greatest knowing and calculated facilitator of the most massive, endemic, auction fraud on consumers that the world is ever likely to know and, doubtless, there will be a trickle down effect of like criminal activity to their other operations. Anyone that contracts to do business with eBay does so at their peril …

    I wish Carl Icahn well in his endeavours …

  • PMB01

    He gave a suggestion. No one has to do anything about it. Carl Icahn is a bully needs to be put in his place. Someone shut him the hell up!