iPhone 6 To Launch At WWDC In July With Supercharged Touch ID?



When will the iPhone 6 be released? Ever since the iPhone 4s, Apple has unveiled the next iPhone in September, but at least one analyst is now claiming that Apple might go back to a WWDC launch in 2014.

According to Mizukho Securities analyst Abhey Lamba, the next iPhone could launch as early as a July, getting an early jump on the Christmas season that would make sure that supply is plentiful in time for the holidays.

That’s not all. Lamba says his sources in the supply chain believe that the iPhone 6 will come in an array of screen sizes, from 4.7-inches to 5.5-inches.

He also claims that Touch ID will be get a boost this year with app integration, as well as jumping from the iPhone to the iPad this year (which isn’t much of a prediction — Apple usually rolls out the last-gen iPhone’s killer feature to the iPad the year after, such as Siri and the Retina Display).

Finally, Lamba claims that a next-gen Apple TV will also be launched this year. Again, not much of a prediction: at the very least, it seems likely that Apple will update its set-top box to use a more modern A7 processor this year.

All of these predictions, of course, should be taken with a huge grain of salt. It’s not likely Apple will release iPhones in a range of display sizes, although it’s possible Apple could take an Air/mini approach with the next-gen iPhone.

Either way, the idea of a 5.5-inch iPhone is hard to swallow, considering the fact that phablets haven’t really caught on in the States the same way they have in Asia. Time will tell.

Source: Street Insider

  • Sam Del Valle


  • imronburgundy

    I’m pretty sure phablet phones have caught on here. I, for one, will be purchasing a 5.5″er if they release it.

  • Fwank49

    Just make it a 5 incher, and no sane person will call it a phablet

  • I hope he’s right at least on the time thing. I need a new phone. It does make sense if they are going with a bigger screen. Announce it then, release it in September, so that devs have time to get their apps together.

  • 2oh1

    Someone needs to keep track of the track record for rumor spreaders. I do think July is probably the perfect month to release an iPhone – or any major piece of tech. Apple would get the back to school crowd (college included) in August & Sept, and then have production and supply totally under control for the holidays.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    Wow! iPhone 6 will fit nicely in the back pocket of my jeans. That way I can sit on it and bend the hell out of it.

  • Ka Lau

    If you’d asked me a month ago, I would have thought that iPhones with bigger screens were completely absurd and unnecessary. However, ever since I’ve moved to Hong Kong (where the majority of people commute on trains and public transport versus driving in the States) I have come to realize that big screen phones are more preferable in Asia because they essentially negate the need for two devices (I have a Mini Retina and iPhone 5).

    I have noticed that at least 7 out of 10 phones on trains and buses have big screens, with people playing games, and more frequently, watching videos. And also, while I understand that the majority of us in the States will probably not have the desire for a bigger screened phone, the States has a population of only 315 million (and we’re nearing market saturation), while China alone is 1.3 billion strong. I’m not saying I advocate for phones with bigger screens, but I definitely understand the business direction if Apple chooses to head that direction.

  • I’m all for a bigger screen to a point. I think 5″ is the perfect size, and just small enough to avoid the dreaded phablet characterization.

  • Jesus Gonzalez

    BS late July we are on August already!