Apple Sucked Into Investigation Of Canadian Crack Mayor


(Credit: Chris Young/The Canadian Press)
(Credit: Chris Young/The Canadian Press)

What connects Apple to crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford?

The answer is that the company has reportedly been called in to help Toronto police access Ford’s cell phone data for an ongoing investigation (nicknamed “Project Brazen 2”) into the controversial politician’s secret life.

Police have apparently been granted several search warrants related to the investigation over the past few months — with one of these warrants permitting them to talk with Apple about unlocking an iPhone belonging to the mayor’s friend and occasional driver, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi.

Apple has also provided police with audio and video recordings related to the device. These records were stored either on the iPhone itself, or else on iCloud, according to sources.

While no details about the contents have been made public yet, a number of media outlets are currently trying to gain access to police documents related to the case — including Apple’s involvement.

With Toronto’s mayoral campaign just heating up, there’s likely to be dirt on the way.

Source: Toronto Life