Samsung Announces Gold Galaxy S5 To Match The iPhone 5s


samsungvsapple (1)

Samsung just revealed its latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and not only is it waterproof, it comes in four colors – black, white, blue and gold.

Apple announced the gold iPhone 5s last Fall which led to Samsung to respond up with a limited gold S4 edition, but now it plans to sell the gold S5 globally starting in April.

The gold iPhone 5s was a huge hit with consumers with demand far outpacing supply. We’ll have to wait till Spring to see if the gold S5 inspires a similar fervor with fans, but so far it’s drawing more comparisons to a band-aid than an Apple product.

Image: BI


  • MrKwanten

    ahahahahhahhh oh Samsung…

    • Georgi Georgiev

      :) :D

      • MrKwanten

        I laughed soooo hard!

  • Muhammad !

    iPhone 4ever

  • Andy Colley

    immitation, the sincerest form of flattery!

    • solun1

      I can agree with that. If only not Apple imitated Samsung’s gold Galaxy S4 (and many other Samsung’s gold phones before)

    • Mike Chu

      According to Frank Lloyd Wright, it’s insult!

  • digitaldumdum

    What’s next? sTunes? Or perhaps the sPhone?
    Way to go “Samesong.” Keep the innovations coming!

    • OhBlahDeeBlahDah

      SameSong, keep the “sin novations” coming!

  • Kr00

    A bandaid is an apt comparison, as it reflects their approach on innovation.

  • FlavoredAir

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming fingerprint scanner & gold case lawsuits. ;)

  • hollywood69

    Cant wait for s5…samsung packed loads of specs in ppl complained too they went simple wit s5…not enough…you ppl are so stupid..cant blame samsung for not having event in u.s. also samsung outselling apple 4 to 1 in smartphone s…so even if the iphone 5s was made out of solid gold..still cant f wit sammy….

    • hollywood69

      Keep rockin ya wittle 4″ screens losers…lmao wit 440p resolution. ..1 thing at a time..for retards basically!!!

      • PMB01

        No words for how stupid you sound.

      • eXoguti093

        ……XDDDDD You sound like a complete retard lol, you don’t even know what you’re talking about xD

    • PMB01

      The idiots are out in force today! Sad you can’t see the truth.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Samsung makes it so easy. It’s just a gold plastic back. Anyone would be able to buy those backs in different colors and change them every day. They wouldn’t be worth more than a buck apiece.

  • Well, am I seeing a desperate Samsung trying to knock down Apple, which seems impossible with this Band Aid design.. :D

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