How To See Where You Took Your Photos At On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


photo map

One of the cool things that your iPhone can do is tag your photos with geolocations. That way, you’ll know where you took the photo in addition to having the photo.

With iOS 7, you can also see your photos on a map, which is all sorts of fun if you travel a bit and like to take vacation photos while you’re there.

It’s easy to enable and access, too, which is a good thing.

privacy settings

First of all, you’ll need to turn on Location services for your Camera to allow your iPhone to save that data along with your photos.

Tap into Settings, and then tap on Privacy. Next, tap on Location Services and make sure they are on. If they are already on, swipe down to the Camera app icon and toggle that switch to ON as well.

Now when you take photos the location data will save along with them.

camera locations

Tap into your Photos app, and navigate to the Years, Collections, or Moments views. You’ll see a heading above each section with where those photos were taken. Tap on the location header, and all the pictures from that section will appear on a map.

You can then pinch in or out to see the pictures in more specific or more general locations on your map. Not all of this location data is exact, of course, as I found a picture I took in Honolulu showing up somewhere out in the water around the island.

Even so, though, it’s fun to relive the pictures with some location data involved, and I can see this being really helpful to someone who needs to keep track of where they took pictures for more business reasons, as well.

Via: Apple

  • mythofechelon

    I much preferred iOS 6’s way of display photos by location. iOS7’s just looks ugly.

  • AlanAudio

    If you mainly use another camera, such as a DSLR without GPS, take one quick establishing shot with your iPhone at the start of every shoot and use the geo tag from that picture to remind you of the location for the DSLR pictures.

    Make sure that the two have the clock set the same and it’s really easy to double-check the location if there’s any doubt.

  • Mark Zhong

    You can try to use photo footprint app to show all your photo on map. Here is the link:
    App Show case video: