Card Wars: Adventure Time — Absolutely, You Can Floop The Pig [Review]


Card Wars

Fans of Cartoon Network’s megahit Adventure Time are probably familiar with “Card Wars,” an episode in which heroes Finn and Jake square off in a ludicrously complicated collectible card game.

Card Wars: Adventure Time by Cartoon Network
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $3.99

If your first thought after seeing that installment was “I have to play that crazy-ass game,” you’re in luck: It’s now available for your iPhone or iPad. While not quite as complicated as the on-screen version, Card Wars offers the same basic card-and-board gameplay with 3D monsters battling it out for fortune and glory.

And behind its zany exterior lies a deceptively deep experience with Floops galore.

Card Wars
Your card-based battles will take you across the Land of Ooo.

In Card Wars, your goal is to knock your opponent’s health down to zero. You do this by placing Monster Cards to fight through their own defensive beasties. You have a lot of terrain tiles and buildings and creatures that work together differently, and it gets elaborate pretty quickly, but it’s easy to keep up.

Creatures have their own special abilities known as “Floops” that you activate with your Magic Points every round, and this just keeps getting more complicated, but it all makes sense, I promise.

They have tutorials and everything; you’ll be fine.

You earn more cards by defeating enemies, and later on, you can craft more powerful ones with weaker ones from your deck. It’s a hearty customizable card game with one of the best licenses out there.

But it’s not without problems, the biggest of which is an Energy Meter that you have to draw from to play rounds. It recharges over time like in a free-to-play title. But this isn’t a free-to-play game; it’s $2.99. And it also includes in-app purchases in the form of gems that you can use to get more powerful cards and refill your energy if you lose a round. You can earn these in the game, but they’re rare.

So it has a few mis-steps, but on the whole, it’s a good time.

Card WarsGame Name: : Card Wars: Adventure Time
The Good: Deep gameplay, a good license, and a lot of variety.
The Bad: It’s a paid game with an Energy meter that limits how long you can play it.
The Verdict: If you can ignore the free-to-play shenanigans in this decidedly not-free game, you’ll have a lot of fun with it.
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  • chrisbaker3

    The game is $3.99, not $2.99.

  • Brianne Hughes

    I’ve been playing this all week, and although the heart energy can be a little annoying, it’s not nearly as infuriating as their coin system.

    You get coins for destroying some enemies, you get coins for winning a battle, you get coins for selling cards you don’t need or don’t have room for. I have 130000 coins right now

    Ok, so what can you buy with coins? You can ‘craft’ new cards, which also require having 2-6 specific cards in your deck, plus a little money (50-5500) to pay to make it. Crafting cards is rare because the required components are few and far between. I will NEVER run out of coins.

    I wish there was a ratio, even a terrible one, that allowed you to convert coins into a gem, or to pay coins to add the basic cards from each landscape to your deck. Right now, I need 3 ‘Grape Slimeys’ and despite my many replays of levels where I might find one, I have 0 Grape Slimeys, so I can’t craft new cards, so I don’t need money, and I keep getting more money in the process of trying to find those cards. Why even have coins if they do not serve a purpose?

    All the reviews for this game focus on the heart energy as the negative, but if you play past the first few levels, it’s really the glut of coins and the lack of cards and gems that get on your nerves.

    I love turn-based games like Costume Quest and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and I was Marceline for Halloween a few years ago, so I’m definitely somewhere in the demographic for this… It’s fun, it’s challenging, I like it, but I wish I could donate my coins to charity, because they’re not doing me any good in game.

  • Alexander T Steward

    “Limits how long you can play it”? What does that mean? Is it just made more challenging if you don’t splash out for the in-game purchases? ‘Cause if so I can deal with that. I’ve never spent a penny on Angry Birds and I have no intention of doing so.