New Tweak Saves Snapchat Chats For Looking Back [Jailbreak]



A new Cydia tweak lets Snapchat users easily log their conversations in a way that subverts the original concept behind the private one-time message sending tool.

Integrating with the existing Snapchat app, the tweak adds an additional option under the “Open Settings” button on the official app. To access past conversations, users can hit the the settings icon to access the popup menu, then tap on the “Open Snapchat Log” option to view the log.

Why might this tweak prove to be a problem? Quite simply because the person on the other end of the conversation may not like their messages being saved, which is why users of the Snapchat Log tweak should be careful that they are not doing anything likely to land them in trouble.

While the developers of Snapchat may be able to disable the tweak in a future update, for now it’s still functional.

Snapchat Log can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss repository.

Source: BigBoss