Chaatz Messaging App Works Without A Phone Number, Plays Nice With iPad


Chaatz is yet another mobile messaging service like WhatsApp and iMessage. Only it also comes with any number of custom phone numbers so you never need to use your real one, and it also lets you receive messages on your iPad. Neat huh?

Fact: Just the other day a fiend told me how much she loves WhatsApp becasue she can chat to her sister, who lives in Sweden, all day long. And I was all like, “Darling, this is AIM and MSN all over again.” Of course, I didn’t say that out loud, but I was so right. And while in those days we had apps like Adium and Trillian to unify all the protocols, today we have WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, and a whole lot more.

Chaatz doesn’t do this, but it does let you get rid of your phone number as a unique identifier, and also lets you run several profiles, one for work, one for play, one for covering up your serial-killing secrets. You sign up with your regular number, but then you get Chaatz numbers to use as you like, and to give out to other folks. This number can also be used to sign into other devices, although on the iPad you’re stuck using the app in 2X mode.

As ever, Chaatz’s success depends on how many people use it. Right now, everyone I know is on WhatsApp, but it’s too ugly for me to use. Hopefully they’ll just all go out and buy iPhones so I can use iMessage instead.

Source: Chaatz