An App That Wakes You Up Early If It Snows For Skiers And Commuters Alike


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If you’re a skier or a snowboarder, there’s nothing better than hitting the slopes before anyone else does, being the first one to lay down your tracks on the freshly-fallen snow.

There’s an app for that. Called First Tracks, it’s an alarm app that will wake you up earlier if it snows. And it’s useful even if you don’t like to ski too!

Created by sports apparel company Helly Hansen, First Tracks uses your location and weather info to keep an eye on whether or not show has fallen outside while you’re sleeping. If it snows, you’re woken up earlier so you can hit the slopes. If not, the app wakes you up at the normal time.

Although First Tracks is being marketed to winter sports enthusiasts, I can see it being just as useful for people with unforgiving jobs on long commutes, who might end up being late to work if it snows overnight.

First Tracks is a free download on the App Store.

Source: iTunes