Kid Aviator Takes The ‘Endless’ Genre Vertical [Review]


Kid Aviator

We have no shortage of cute games about adorable characters who need your help to get home or something comparable, but here’s something a little different.

Kid Aviator by Mattia Fortunati Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Kid Aviator is about a young carnival daredevil fired from a cannon who is trying to fly as high as he can to spite gravity. He has a cape. He has goggles. He is awesome.

The only problem is that the sky is full of all kinds of random crap that wants to ruin his affront to physics and Nature, and that’s where you come in.

Kid Aviator is interesting because you’re sort of playing as both Kid and yourself at the same time. You can move the little hero back and forth by tilting your device, but most of what you’ll be doing is trying to keep the endless numbers of ducks, chainsaws, bottles, cows, piñatas, and other things that probably shouldn’t be there from knocking him out of the sky.

Items are color-coded: You can swipe yellow obstacles out of the way, but you have to tap red things to break them. You’ll also see blue power-ups that you can either drag into Kid or steer him into them, and they’ll slow down time, provide a shield, or just give you more points.

He has a cape. He has goggles. He is awesome.

Things get frantic pretty quickly, and you have to balance your tapping and swiping with tilting Kid. You constantly have to decide if it’s better to remove an obstacle or just go around it.

You’ll usually want to move them, though, because Kid Aviator gives you medals for removing obstacles, getting points, and flying as high as possible. It’s a nice little achievement system that gives you something to work on other than just keeping Kid alive.

Kid Aviator is a cute, challenging game with a character who actually isn’t quite helpless. He just needs a hand, you know?

Kid AviatorGame Name: : Kid Aviator
The Good: Cute graphics, good music, and the dual-control gameplay provides a nice challenge.
The Bad: Having a good run ruined when the game inexplicably throws a solid wall of red obstacles at you. Stupid game.
The Verdict: If you’re tired of endlessly running and would rather endlessly fly, this game has what you need.
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