Four Ways To Clear Your VoiceMail In iOS 7 [iOS Tips]



I hate voicemail, I truly do. It’s like a fax machine: outdated and unnecessarily complicated. The introduction of visual voicemail in iOS was a good step toward updating the technology, but I’d still much rather get an email or text message than sit through someone’s verbal ramblings just to hear them say, “call me back.”

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who insist on leaving auditory messages for me on my iPhone. Apple has also given us quite a few ways to delete them, and then to clear out the deleted messages (yes, even deleted voicemails stick around). They must hate voicemail as much as I do.

Or, just do this, if you must.
Or, just do this, if you must.
Launch your Phone app, and then tap on the Voicemail button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Next, tap on the Edit button in the upper right corner, and a little red minus button will appear to the left of all your voicemails. You can tap any of the red circles and a larger red rectangle Delete button will appear over on the right. You can also just swipe to the left, like in iOS 7’s Mail app to delete one voicemail at a time.

You can also delete more than one at a time with multitouch. Simply tap multiple red dots at the same time with more than one finger. I’m only able to consistently get three at once, but I’m sure you can probably do four or five if you practice. The red Delete button will show up on all of the voicemails you end up tapping, and you can Delete them one at a time.

Finally, you can just tap on each voicemail, and then hit the Delete button. I usually do this if I have to listen to the darn thing.

Once you’ve deleted voicemails, they go to a special Deleted Messages area. Scroll to the bottom of your voicemail list and tap on Deleted Messages. Then, either swipe or tap your way to delete the messages individually, or hit the Clear All button at the top right of your screen. You’ll get a chance to Cancel this operation, or you can just confirm with the red Clear All button.


If your iPhone is cluttered up with the verbose outpourings of all your contacts, now you can get rid of them all with a swipe or two. Nice!

Via: OS X Daily