Bem’s Retro Radio-Style Speaker Separates Into Stereo Sections



Bem’s upcoming Wireless Speaker Duo is great in all kinds of ways. First, it looks like an old-timey radio, complete with rounded edges and simple bent-metal handle. Second, it has proper playback control buttons on the top. And third, it contains two speakers which can be popped out and separated to make a stereo pair, before being returned to the base for charging.

My gadget test lab is full of wireless speakers of all kinds, but none of them is stereo. Or rather, none of them offers proper stereo separation. They might have left and right speakers, but they’re trapped next to each other in the same tiny box.

The Wireless Speaker Duo, though, lets you pull out the speakers, whereupon they communicate with each other using some fancy wireless 5.8GHz radio. Range is listed at 80 feet, or 24 meters, but that’s theoretical. Even if you had the perfect conditions, you’d lose any cohesive stereo picture way before you go that far apart.

The speaker(s) will cost you $180, but you’ll have to wait: Bem hasn’t yet listed the Wireless Speaker Duo on its site.

Source: Bem