Favi Pico+, A Battery-Powered Projector With AirPlay [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bugThe FAVI pico+ projector is just another little battery-powered “beamer,” a DLP projector that can be kept in a pocket and used to throw photos and video from your iPhone or iPad up onto the wall. But this one has a neat extra – the built-in Wi-Fi radio ands AirPlay support, so the only cable you’ll need is the charger to keep the thing going.

Pico-projector battery life is stuck in the realm of bad PC laptops. The FAVI pico+ gives you three hours in “eco mode,” which translates to “plug it in if you want to see the end of the movie.” Brightness is 85 lumens, resolution is a retro 858 x 480, and you can use an HDMI cable instead of AirPlay if you’re using a non-Apple device (as if).

The FAVI pico+ is available for pre-order now, for $300.

Source: Favi