How To Turn Off Vibration When In Silent Mode In iOS 7 [iOS Tips]


vibrate on Silent

There you are, in an important meeting. You’ve silenced your iPhone with the button on the left-hand side of the device like a good employee. You set your iPhone on the table to show your boss you’re not afraid of the ringtone.

Suddenly, your buddy texts you. Like, four texts in a row about some foolishness that you’d love to read, but you can’t, because you’re in a meeting. But your iPhone betrays you, buzzing like a mad bee, over and over. Your face turns red, you grab the device off the resonating wood conference table and mutter, “I put it on silent…um…sorry.” And then you jam it into your pocket, your plan to impress the chief gone in an instant.

You could have avoided this embarrassing scenario fairly easily, though.

Before your meeting, tap into the Settings app and then tap Sounds. Once there, you’ll see two options–Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent. Toggle the Vibrate on Silent to OFF.

Now when you do your impress the boss move, the iPhone will sit on the beautiful table, silent as if it were off, and your boss will totally think you’re the best employee ever. Well, unless you totally blow the presentation you forgot you were suppoed to give in about, oh, 2 minutes.


  • trex67

    What’s wrong with putting your phone in airplane mode before meetings? Seems to me faster, easier in iOS7.

  • bnkohrn

    Or use Do Not Disturb mode in iOS 7. The graphic shows the mode engaged.

  • HerbalEd

    Four of the boring, no-info paragraphs in this article were absolutely useless.