SuperTooth’s New Speaker Looks Like A Tiny First-Gen iMac [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug The rush to announce products at CES means we often see CGI renders and vague price promises, just to get in on the news action. But we’re giving SuperTooth a break here for two reasons. One, the company makes great speakers, and two, pretty much every one of those speakers has started life as a dummy model on a trade-show stand.

The new SuperTooth 4 is shaped like a kind of a cross between the first iMac and a 1970s radio. The handle on top makes it easy to schlep from room to room, and control buttons make it easy to change volume and skip tracks without digging your iPhone out of your pocket – useful when washing dishes.

The preliminary specs say the SuperTooth 4 puts out 8 watts, has a bass-reflex system and charges via USB (a great change, as previous SuperTooths have charged with their own AC adapters). It weighs just over a pound, and can last for anywhere between 3–12 hours per charge depending on how high your crank the volume.

Price and availability are yet to be announced, but expect it for less than $200 in the next few months.

Source: SuperTooth