iTOi Booth Gives You A Facetime Facelift Without Going Under The Knife [CES 2014]




CES 2014 LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – Chatting on Facetime with friends is great. That is until your double-comes barreling over the screen. We’ve seen people go to some pretty extreme lengths to overcome the unflattering Facetime camera angles, but Brookstone is introducing a new product at CES that finally gives users a Facetime facelift without the need for cosmetic surgery.

iTOi Booth is a case/console that goes over your iPad and uses a patented optical lens system perscription to adjust the camera angle of your iPad so your eyes are level with the screen when Facetiming. The result is direct eye contact with the other person on the screen and a more natural appearance, but will anyone want to lockup their iPad in a gigantic console just to look prettier on Facetime?

Here’s video of iToi Booth in action:

iToi Booth isn’t just a silly oversized case to hold your iPad. It also claims to improve the call audio by funneling audio to the microphone hole at the top of your iPad for better voice capture, and amplifying sound out of your speakers. There’s also an iPad app in the works called iTOi Producer that can turn the station into a teleprompter to assist you in your selfie videos.

Brookstone didn’t give a firm release date but says we should expect to see it in stores and online soon. It’ll cut your iPad screen-size by 75% but at least you’ll look gorgeous on the other end, right?