iPad Pro To Feature 2K Display & Eye-Tracking Technology [Rumor]


iOS 8 is Apple's most privacy-conscious mobile OS yet.
iOS 8 is Apple's most privacy-conscious mobile OS yet.

According to reports, Apple’s speculated-upon iPad Pro will come not only with a larger screen and greatly improved resolution, but also with eye-tracking technology.

The rumored 12.9-inch tablet will supposedly be released next fall, although FoxConn sources have suggested that Apple might opt for a winter 2014 or spring 2015 release instead.

Although we have previously heard reports of a 4K display, the latest batch of rumors suggest that the first iPad Pro will feature a 2K display — with a 4K display released later on. Other reports meanwhile state that Apple will remove the Retina technology from its next line of iPads.

The iPad Pro would allow Apple to compete in the same space as rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Source: International Business Times

  • lowtolerance

    This is completely fucking retarded.

    The existing iPad is already 2k, with a horizontal resolution of 2048.