This Week In Cult Of Mac Magazine: Year in Review



This week, Cult of Mac Magazine looks back on 2013 with our Year in Review issue.

Apple has once again overturned a few carts and made mincemeat of our best predictions for where the Cupertino company is heading next.

In addition to a rollicking review of the best — and weirdest — news, apps, games, rumors and the like, Cult of Mac’s resident gadfly Mike Elgan opines on what Apple will bring us in 2014.

Elgan also weighs in on whether those iWatches or other gadgets (iGlasses? Yeah or Nay?) will be anything we actually want. Reporter Alex Heath takes a look at Apple’s bumper crop of acquisitions, a record this year, as a signpost of what the new year may bring.

As always, we bring you the best in apps, games, movies and books out of all the stuff our staffers have watched, played with and read this year — but only the stuff that doesn’t suck.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Year in Review.