Shot Trak HD, The GoPro-Style Gun Cam For Hunters



There’s something utterly terrifying about the above image, which is the promo picture for the Shot Trak HD, an HD gun camera. There’s nothing wrong with hunting (as long as you’re actually eating the animals you’re killing), and I guess that recording the action is no different than clamping a GoPro to your helmet and jumping off a mountain wearing a squirrel suit.

But the idea that you’d sit around with friends and family to view the kill shot in the comfort of your own living room? That’s a short trip to Creepsville, man.

Why Watch other people’s hunts on the Discovery Channel when you can watch your own?

So goes the pitch for the Shot Trak. The camera fits onto the bottom of the gun barrel using a “standard Weaver mount” and records 1080p video of your life-ending activities, along with sound. It’s also “recoil-proof,” can be had with or without a laser sight, and uses a telephoto lens instead of the wideangle lenses used on sports cameras.

And of course you don’t have to use it for hunting beasts. The camera fits onto a pistol, which could let you shoot video of a convenience-store holdup (just like in the amazing movie Boyz In The Hood, only without needing the CCTV), or – for light relief – you could film the office paintball party.

The price? $139 or $179, depending on whether you want lasers. And if you’re into seeing animals being shot, you can check out the sample video on the site. And don’t worry – it’s auto-playing, so even kids can watch it without too much effort.

Source: ATN Corp