Apple: Demand For New Mac Pro Is “Great,” Will Take Time For Supply To Catch Demand


New Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro finally went on sale this morning with initial orders shipping by December 30th. After only a few hours of being on sale, shipping estimates slipped to February for all configurations.

Now Apple is saying that it will be awhile before it can catch up with demand.

In an attempt to start bringing manufacturing back to the U.S, Apple is assembling the new Mac Pro at a new factory in Austin, Texas. Considering the niche market the product serves, supplies were expected to be tight, but not so tight that new orders are already taking two months to process.

“Demand for the all new Mac Pro is great and it will take time before supply catches up with demand,” an Apple spokesman told Forbes in a statement today. Given the relative size of Apple’s factory in Texas, the company is likely taking longer than normal to meet orders.

Multiple sites have posted hands-on reviews of the new Mac Pro already. Macworld is impressed with how quiet and cool it is, while The Verge says “there’s never been a computer quite like this before.”

Source: Forbes