Rdio Update Adds Sleep Timer, iOS 7 Enhancements, And More


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Yesterday, reacting to the news that Spotify was getting a darker look on the Mac, we despaired that it would ever catch up to the aesthetic appeal of Rdio.

As if they heard our words, Rdio widened the gap a little more today, releasing a new update that contains not only iOS 7-oriented UI improvements, but a notable new feature as well.

Although Rdio already has an attractive design that seems in-keeping with Apple’s iOS 7 design philosophy (if not slavish to it), previous versions of the app still contained the ugly old iOS 6 keyboard. In the new Rdio, this has been replaced by iOS 7’s default keyboard, which helps keep things consistent.

The iOS 7-ification of Rdio doesn’t stop there, though. The new update also features improved Rdio profiles. But it’s the new feature that’s really cool: you can now set a sleep timer that will tell Rdio to automatically stop playback after a given interval from 15 minutes to two hours.

As always, the new version of Rdio can be download on the iOS App Store. The app is free, although you will have to subscribe if you want to keep listening after two weeks.

Source: iTunes

  • markymac

    While I think Spotify’s library is larger, has analytics better at song matching and that really cool “Discover” feature that lets you preview new songs in the middle of another song, but there’s no denying Rdio’s interface is worlds better than Spotify. It’s not even a contest.

    Rdio is also a better deal when you have two or more people under the same subscription. $2 off the $9.99 subscription price for the 2nd user and only $5 for each additional user (up to 5 I think).

    It doesn’t happen all the time but there are some songs/albums I can’t listen to (that are sometimes on Spotify) but not enough that I’d want to dump Rdio. There’s always iTunes if I really, really want something (and Apple doesn’t have everything either).