Just In Time For The Holidays, 1Password For Mac Is 30% Off [Deals]


  • Stuka_UK

    I bought it for Mac and iOS a few months ago. I don’t use it much as it’s confusing to set up, and doesn’t seem to want to work with some web sites either (especially financial ones)…. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but like I say, it’s not intuitive. Wasted my money

  • Canoe112

    Stuka, it does not work well with my Chase site. Turn off auto submit for your troublesome sites. Have 1Password just fill in the username and password for those sites. Then manually click the sign in button.

  • jakobox

    I used to be a devout 1password user… but this upgrade broke syncing to my iphone. No one in their tech support department responded to my e-mails, and purchases in the app store are non-refundable. To add insult to injury I bought it just a few days ago and paid full price. Buyer beware on this one.