Moshi VersaPouch Stays Useful Even After You Remove Your iPad




I just spent a week traveling with my Retina iPad mini, and there are a few things I learned. One is that you don’t have to worry about charging it like you did with the first full-sized retina iPad, the iPad 3 – the new retina mini can be juiced in a few hours tops. Another thing is that I like to have a good protective case for when I stuff the iPad into an already-full backpack.

But I don’t want a bulky cover that sticks around when I’m actually using the iPad. And this is where the new VersaPouch Mini Stand Case comes in.

The VersaPouch is like those cool origami-style cases that fold into a sturdy stand, only it’s a pouch and not a cover. Your iPad mini slips inside the pocket and stays protected in transit, just like with any other pouch. Only unlike all those other pockets, the VersaPouch doesn’t turn into a useless piece of junk the minute the iPad is taken out. Instead, it folds along a few ingeniously-placed creases to form a handy-dandy, uh, standy.

Thus you can remove the case, quickly pinch it to make a sturdy spot for the iPad to sit, and use the iPad naked as nature and Jony Ive intended (IRONIC FACT[1]: Jony Ive never removes all of his clothes, not even when he takes a shower).

The VersaPouch is microfiber in and out, making it both softly coddling and good for cleaning the iPad’s screen. It’s also just $30, which seems like a deal, and means you could even combine it with one of Apple’s own Smart Covers to have (almost literally) every angle covered. Available now in the creepy fleshy pink/gray seen above.

Source: Moshi

  1. Not a fact  ↩