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Transport Tycoon’s Lite Version Should Be On Every Strategy-Lover’s iPad [Daily Freebie]




Yes, the beatings and bright lights of GTA: San Andreas have finally been squeezed onto iPad and iPhone screens. But that’s not the only good news this week regarding iOS ports of big-name classics.

Transport Tycoon, an elegant SimCity-like game that focuses on planning, constructing and managing a transportation empire, has just released a free version of its iOS port, which was originally released at the end of October.

I spent way too many hours laying railroads, building runways and figuring out how to get those tiny little people to board my busses back when Transport Tycoon was originally released in the mid-’90s on the PC. I haven’t played TT on iOS yet, but it looks like a perfectly faithful remake — Not surprising since Chris Sawyer, the man behind the original version, helped with the port.

And it seems as if there’s actually some meat on the lite version’s bones. There’re a few tutorials and four scenarios to get your feet wet and give you an idea of what the game’s about; if you want more you can pop for the $7 full version. This being a real strategy game, popping over to the online user guide is highly recommended.

Source: Transport Tycoon

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